Part of the Democrats and the liberal media tried to use this year’s July 4 in order to launch attacks against the symbols of the United States targeting everything as being “racist” – from the holiday itself to the Declaration of Independence, the national anthem and the flag.

However, the likely most ludicrous comments have come out of the National Geographic, which once used to be focused on nature and animals.

In a tweet, National Geographic declared that “scientists” had discovered that people of color and otherwise “vulnerable communities” were exposed “disproportionately” to air pollution resulting from firework celebrations!

A proposition apparently seeking to proclaim fireworks “racists” like everything else.

Yet, while the National Geographic took the time, trouble, and resource to write a full-fledged article on how fireworks were disadvantaging people of color – all in order to attack and try to destroy American traditions and celebrations of the American heritage – they fully ignored the epidemic of mass shootings that the country saw over the July 4 weekend.

Fireworks are much more dangerous for people of color than shootings?

Those shootings are vastly affecting precisely people of color and disadvantaged communities, unlike July 4 fireworks.

A large number of black lives are actually taken in shooting incidents such the 88 different shootings which occurred in the city of Chicago alone, killing 16 people and wounding 92 others.

A total of six children were among those injured in the shootings.

These include two girls aged 5 and 6.

Law enforcement officers got shot as well.

A Chicago police commander together with a sergeant were shot as they were trying to disperse a crowd.

The former was shot in the foot and the latter in the leg.

There were no fireworks victims.

Continuation of the madness of the mainstream media

The American public is well aware by now that every weekend during the summer mass shootings will be occurring in Chicago.

However, the mainstream media such as National Geographic appear to be completely uninterested in that subject – even though that is real-life violence which does in fact affect “disproportionately” people of color.

Such media attitudes are extremely puzzling – preferring to focus on “racist” fireworks while disregarding in full the constant mass shooting tragedies in Chicago.

Chicago, however, is a Democratic city led by a black, lesbian mayor, which may be making it immune to deserving attention on part of the mainstream media.

Such attitudes give the impression that the left cares about black lives only when that serves its political purposes.

Shooting violence is so entrenched in Chicago, and most of it is gang-related.

It is underlined and complicated by corruption which precludes efforts to destroy the gangs in question.

So clearly the problem is deep and its resolving would take a lot of effort, smart policies, and resolve.

Yet, considering the mainstream establishment, nobody is even considering tackling that.

It’s far easier to slam July 4 fireworks as “racist.”