PJ Media’s writer Jonathan W. Emord published a column in which he discussed the challenges American society faces today.

Emord pointed out that constitutionally granted fundamental liberties of Americans are being endangered by forces inimical to the fundamental principles of freedom.

The PJ Media’s writer stressed that the main difference is that, this time, threats are coming not only from other countries but also from domestic sources such as the Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa movement.

Liberty under threat

The writer added that the danger does not solely come from these movements, the activists of which steal and destroy people’s property, but also from Democratic politicians who refrain from acting to stop the violence coming from these groups.

Emord invited his readers to endure a struggle for constitutional freedom by being vocal and civil.

He explained that Americans have to do so in order to show that the sacrifice of ancestors was not futile.

The PJ Media’s journalist said that the Declaration of Independence still counts as the best formulation of individual rights, which, as such, sparked much awe from people around the world, including the then English king George III, who was reportedly amazed when George Washington indicated that he would rather remain on a farm than waiving his principles.

A call for action

Emord further recalled how American colonists fought against tax imposition from the English crown.

The PJ Media’s journalist wrote how colonists from each state jointly stood up against the Coercive Acts instituted to punish the Boston citizens for refusing to pay taxes.

Emord stressed that, despite serious pushback, American rebels managed to eschew the tax impositions, eventually defeating the tyrannical tendencies of the English crown.

He pointed out that even some members of the British Parliament supported the American cause of freedom.

The columnist emphasized that the Preamble of the Declaration of Independence became a fundamental part of the identity of each American.

He compared the struggle of the American Revolution to those faced today by each citizen wanting to preserve the values of freedom and equality from the threats of factors such as BLM and Antifa.

Emord expressed his hope that this July 4th would revive the energy of freedom among Americans, thus inspiring them to fight all the forces that aim to deprive the U.S. society of its constitutive elements.