Air travel is a double-edged sword for millions of people. For all of the undeniable conveniences that introduces in the real of travel time, it also introduces its own peculiar set of hassles: security checks, delays and perhaps worst of all, the possibility of losing something valuable.

Coronavirus restrictions have only added to these hazards and difficulties.

But for Jason, an Southwest Airlines employee, stumbling upon a mysteriously lost item on a flight turned out to be an absolutely life-changing experience for both him and his family.

A Lost-and-Found Miracle

To really understand this incredible story, we need to introduce the Davis family.

Ashley Davis had received sudden news that her husband’s uncle had passed away, and the family had to burst into a mad rush to be able to get to Dallas, TX, quickly enough to be able to attend the funeral. To add to the difficulty, the Davises had to bring their two-year-old son Hagen along, and Ashley was seven months pregnant.

In all the chaos and mess of quickly switching from one flight to another and trying to get to their destination on time, the Davises lost little Hagen’s Buzz Lightyear toy. As you can imagine, this was heartbreaking both for the little tyke and for his parents.

Luckily, Jason, a Southwest employee, stumbled upon the toy and immediately perceived its sentimental value.

The toy was lost at an airport in Little Rock, AK, and the family wasn’t even there any longer. How could Jason possibly figure out who the toy belonged to, much less track down the owner and return it to him?

An extraordinary stroke of good luck happened to help all involved. Just like Andy, the boy in Toy Story who owned Buzz, Hagen had written his name on the toy’s foot. When Jason looked at the toy, he found the name “Hagen” and decided to do some intrepid digging.

With the help of a few of his co-workers, Jason found that there had only been one person named Hagen who had traveled aboard the particular Southwest flight where the toy was found.

Meanwhile, Hagen’s family was distraught. His mother knew how much the toy meant to her little boy, but after calling Southwest’s Lost and Found Department and inquiring about it, she realized that the cost of filing the claim exceeded that of the toy itself.

However, when the family finally returned home from the funeral, they received a heartwarming and totally unexpected package from Jason. Not only had he returned the toy, but he had included a letter to Hagen supposedly written from Buzz and some pictures of the airport in a very ornate Buzz-Lightyear-themed package.

The family was so overjoyed that they filmed Hagen opening the package.

Jason is truly the hero of this story, and his kind heart and impressive creativity cannot be overstated.