The LEGO company has a known reputation for supporting the LGBTQ community. In an effort to highlight Pride Month, the LEGO company took its support a step further by releasing a new building set that features iconic symbols of the LGBTQIA+ community. The set is named, “Everything is Awesome.” While some are celebrating the release, others are criticizing the fact that it’s rated for an older audience.

Inside the Everything Is Awesome Set

LEGO fans will find a rather simple set consisting of only 346 pieces. These pieces combined create the Pride flag and are also accompanied by 11 separate LEGO figurines. The figurines include a purple drag queen, bride and groom “BrickHeadz,” and a figurine that represents the trans community. However, the set has not been well received by many consumers.

Backlash From the LGBTQIA+ Community

The Everything is Awesome set has been rated by LEGO for an 18+ audience. However, many members of the LGBTQ community have found this to be wildly inconsistent with LEGO’s normal standards. Typically, the target audience for a set is based upon complexity and difficulty. For example, the Hogwarts Chamber of Secrets set is rated for an audience of 9+. However, this set takes a startling 1,176 pieces to build, making it far more complicated than the Everything is Awesome set.

According to critics, LEGO’s decision to rate this set for an older audience is a blatant attempt to mask its true audience.

LEGO’s Intentions

Other parents and consumers have also noticed LEGO’s attempt to mask the set’s audience. Many parents have noted how the set is directly marketed toward children. In a recent interview the set’s creator, Matthew Ashton, confirmed suspicions. Ashton acknowledged that the set is designed to appeal to younger children who may be curious about the LGBTQIA+ community.