Across the country, Democrats in charge of major cities seem to be passionately committed to one goal: to destroy their cities as swiftly as possible.

Whether it’s New York City, Chicago or Seattle, crime is out of control in one Democrat-run city after another, and normal people are fleeing or being chased away in droves.

In Sacramento, California, possibly the biggest and most noticeable problem is the city’s teeming homeless population. That population only keeps growing, and the Democrats in charge — whether out of ineptitude, magic or both — do nothing about it.

But to handle the homeless problem, Sacramento mayor Darrell Steinberg has recently hit upon a hare-brained scheme. He wants the city, which is already struggling financially, to build homes for the homeless, and force them to move into Sacramento neighborhoods.

A Crusade to Destroy Normalcy

Back during the Obama Administration, there was a push to force Section 8 housing into the suburbs. The Biden Administration has revived that crusade, and cities like Sacramento are evidently taking note.

However, the city faces a problem. Many cities have attempted to build homes for the homeless in the past at taxpayer expense, but the homeless often refuse to live in such places. To get around this, Mayor Steinberg has proposed that there be an “obligation” on the part of the homeless to move into a housing unit if one is offered to them.

What this means in plain English is that if you are unfortunate to live in Sacramento, the city will soon be forcing homeless people to live in your neighborhood and forcing you to pay for it all.

At best, this is an instance of humanitarian sentiment taken to destructive excess. At worst, it’s a case of Democratic politicians trying to buy of yet another voting bloc and tighten the noose even more on everyone else.

Unfortunate as this may be, many homeless people are where they are for a reason. Large numbers of them are severely mentally ill and totally out of touch with reality. Many are drug addicts. Still others have criminal pasts.

The consequences of forcing these people into ordinary middle-class neighborhoods should be utterly predictable.

Furthermore, as Eric Tars, the legal director of the National Homelessness Law Center, said, “The right to housing is based on the inherent dignity of the individual, so a straightforward obligation to accept whatever is offered undermines that.”

Are Democrats really trying to help the unfortunate, or are they just trying to hurt people who don’t vote for them?