At one time, Scott McKenzie famously sang that if you were going to San Francisco, be sure to wear flowers in your hair. The city was once a beacon of light and beauty, flawlessly positioned under the inviting California sun.

But those days are long gone now.

Now, many more people are leaving San Francisco than going there, and with very good reason.

Crime is skyrocketing, homelessness and drug use are on the rise.

The cost of living is becoming increasingly expensive, as real estate price in the city continues to soar.

A great many city residents — including those who have lived in San Francisco for decades — have finally had enough. People are living the city.

Now vs. Then

According to a recent poll conducted by San Francisco’s Chamber of Commerce, a whopping 40 percent of city residents say that they plan to move out within the next few years.

According to CBS San Francisco, 80 percent of residents agree that crime has worsened in the city lately, while 70 percent say that the quality of life has declined.

These perceptions are correct. There has been a 753 percent spike in car break-ins and a 75 increase in thefts in San Francisco in the last few years.

Ad what are politicians doing in response? Well, San Francisco mayor London Breed has recently requested an additional $1 billion to offer more “treatment” to homeless people.

There’s no focus on arresting criminals, on respecting property or on making it easier for businesses to operate and provide people with jobs and opportunity.

And as the city’s most productive citizens leave, this will only accelerate.