Going on treasure hunts and finding little easter eggs can be great fun.

Those outside of the hacking and computer programming communities may not know this, but computer nerds are extremely fond of peppering their work with little jokes. These could be anything from little jokes hidden in the comments of a piece of code, hidden links on a website that take you to special places, or any number of other things.

Google — one of the Meccas that countless code monkeys strive to arrive at — is certainly no exception to this. Google has all kinds of Easter eggs that await those with the moxie, the creativity and the time to look for them — and they range from the humorous and useful to the downright esoteric.

One TikTok account is devoted to finding some of these Google Easter eggs and regaling the world with them. Here are some of the things the account has found.

Some Google Easter Eggs

Lord of the Rings fans will love this one. Did you know that if you type “The One Ring” into Google’s search bar, you’ll get a message asking you if you meant to write “my precioussss” instead.

This next one is more of a cutesy little joke for computer nerds. Type “recursion” into Google’s search bar. You’ll get a message saying, “Did you mean: recursion?” And if you click on the word “recursion” there, you’ll get the same message over and over again. Get it?

There’s been some confusion about Pluto. Is it a planet, or isn’t it? If you do a Google search on “Pluto,” you’ll find a humorous description that reads, “Our favorite dwarf planet since 2006.”

Want to experience a blast from the past? Google “Google in 1998.” Instantly, you’ll be transported to an old-school version of the site which looks just like Google did when it originally burst onto the internet nearly 23 years ago.

People who have been using YouTube for a while — and by the way, Google owns YouTube — might remember that YouTube used to freeze video view counts at 301 for a while.

YouTube no longer does this, but if you Google “301 videos,” you can learn all about why this used to happen.

People are having lots of fun on TikTok with Easter eggs like this.