It is depressingly clear by now that the mainstream corporate press — in collaboration with major universities, politicians and other centers of power in America — exists to deliberately manufacture a false reality.

And in keeping with the media’s true purpose as a massive gaslighting operation, its most recent job was a painfully tone-deaf attempt to convince Americans during Independence Day Weekend that inflation wasn’t really happening.

These Aren’t the Droids You’re Looking For

A mind-blowingly tone-deaf tweet from the White House’s official Twitter account was issued on July 1. It attempted to convince people, against the overwhelming evidence of their own eyes, that food prices are down. It tried to say that the price of a Fourth of July barbecue is down from last year, but the way it tried to do so is simply astonishing.

Using a measly and extremely tendentious definition of what constitutes a “cookout,” Biden’s team attempted to create a gif showing that the average price of a cookout has fallen by a whopping $0.16!

Not only is this an example of cherry-picking par excellence — because they obviously played with which food items they chose until they got the results they wanted — but $0.16 can’t buy you anything. It might not seem like it to Joe Biden, but the 1940s ended a long time ago.

When you close down the economy and disrupt supply chains, the quantity of all kinds of available goods will plummet, and their prices will increase. Everyone knows this.

Never forget: They think you are stupid.