Black father rips critical race theory for teaching his daughter her white mother is evil!

Speaking at a school board meeting with parents, a black father has delivered devastating but painfully truthful criticism to critical race theory whose imposition on America’s children is creating an unprecedented outburst of inter-ethnic hate.

The testimony of Ian Rice, a black father who has two children of school age together with his white wife, was shared on Twitter, and since gone viral giving hope to Americans that truth, democracy, common sense, and cohesion despite ethnic diversity are possible in this nation despite the ugly inroads made recently by the radical left’s divisive propaganda.

In a highly dignified and eloquent manner, Rice did a fantastic job exposing the wrongdoings and flaws of critical race theory, and also explains what its original purpose was as a useful perspective into the higher education study of law.

Unfortunately, it has now been appropriated and turned into a hateful ideological weapon by lefty radicals.

CRT is a dangerous weapon used by the wrong people

The black father of two biracial children starts his two-minute oration at a school board meeting by declaring the obvious, namely, that the board in question and the respective school district are failing – as testified by the feedback from the seemingly outraged parents around him.

He states explicitly that he came to the school board meeting in order to talk about critical race theory.

Rice then explains how this theory was never meant to be taught at the grade school level or even high school level.

Instead, it is supposed to be taught in the legal portion of collegiate education where it is used as an analytical tool with respect to viewing different laws through the lens of race, and an ethical standpoint.

Rice emphasizes that the big problem with bringing critical race theory in grade schools and high schools across America is that “we don’t have the educators to properly teach these kids.”

Based on his own children’s experience, he points out that the educators in place are instead using critical race theory in order to serve their own agenda “to indoctrinate the kids to hate each other.”

Let us raise our own kids

Rice acknowledges that this has already happened regardless of whether one believes that to be true or not.

He stresses that critical race theory is “teaching that white people are bad.”

He then adds bluntly, “That’s not true.”

That would teach my daughter that her mother is evil, the father says, pointing back to his white wife.

He then reveals a very traumatic episode in which his school-age daughter was pulled aside by a teacher and told that she is “a minority”, and that she should “know better than to engage in certain things.”

Rice says his family brought the matter to the school’s attention, and nothing happened to the teacher who did it.

Instead, his daughter got ridiculed.

The concerned father then asks rhetorically what criteria the school board has in order “to educate the educators”, and who the school board is to educate anybody’s children in life issues, which is the parent’s job.

“Your job is to teach them math and science. Our job is to teach them about life,” Rice states.

Even if there is still a long way to go in many respects, he expresses his belief that the racial situation in the United States is substantially better than it used to be.

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