Reddit user u/memezdankton asked former Disney park officials to tell the juiciest secrets about the company’s 12 resorts located at six diverse locations. The question got over 1,700 comments. Some of the answers are pretty shocking.

Cast Members Must Endure a Lot

Everyone working at a Disney theme park is a cast member, and they must put up with a lot of harassment from the public. If the public takes an inappropriate image, the cast member takes the device to the Kodak shop, where the image will be removed before the device is returned.

Guests Often Killed the Ducks

Since water is everywhere at many Disney theme parks, ducks often wander in front of guests.

Some do not pay attention and step on the babies, which kills them. Many Disney employees will escort the ducks to safety when they are not busy with other duties.

Both Hands in Photos

Cast members had to make sure that both of their hands were visible when they took pictures with guests. Preferably, one hand was touching the guest’s shoulder and the other outstretched. This prevented guests from screaming that someone sexually abused them.

Cast Members Must Practice Character Signature

Obviously, many different people play the same character. While there can be minor differences in how they look, the signature of all people playing the role must match exactly.

Therefore, cast members must practice the signature at home until they can write it perfectly.

No Dying Allowed

If someone dies at a Disney theme park, first aid cast members take the person out of the park. Then, the park issues a statement if needed that the person died at a local hospital.

The Costumes Are Hot

Many cast members have suffered from heat problems because the costumes are hot. Yet, no cast member can remove their costume in front of the public or face being fired. Therefore, they must hide somewhere before they can cool off.