Raytheon Technologies Corporation Launches New Anti-Racism Program

The debate over Critical Race Theory continues. The latest in the conversation is the revelation that Raytheon Technologies Corporation has recently implemented an anti-racism program arguing that white, straight, and Christian men should identify their privilege and engage in reparations for the crimes of the past.

As the second-largest defense contractor in the nation, Raytheon has been widely recognized as a leader in its field. This makes it even more troubling that the tenets of Critical Race Theory are spilling over into the business world after infiltrating the government and education sectors.

Details of Raytheon’s Initiative

Raytheon’s “Stronger Together” program is in response to the growing popularity of teaching Critical Race Theory in the liberal sector.

Raytheon CEO Greg Hayes signed an Action for Diversity & Inclusion statement, guaranteeing that he will promote diversity and ask for his employees to sign a pledge that checks their own personal biases.

Rufo’s Argument

In a recent appearance on Tucker Carlson’s program on Fox News, Critical Race Theory opponent Christopher Rufo delved into Raytheon’s controversial new program. Rufo was able to provide documents and details about Raytheon’s initiatives.

Rufo referred to the program as a “political indoctrination program,” pointing out that it provided specific rules geared toward teaching white employees how to treat their black counterparts.

Rufo also took to Twitter to provide screenshots of the documentation of the program. Included in this documentation were examples of conversation do’s and don’ts that white people should follow when engaging with their black colleagues. I guess this is what it means to be woke in corporate America?