The New York Times recently decided to run a piece in which it attacked the American flag as an allegedly polarizing symbol as Independence Day approached.

Senator Tom Cotton, however, would have none of it. The Arkansas Senator has already made a name for himself with past op-eds in the New York Times, even going so far as to troll the paper by using money he raised thanks to run anti-Biden ads.

And now, Cotton has decided to spring into action again and bring many of the problems with the American corporate press into the light.

Cotton’s Op-Ed

Appearing recently on Fox News Monday, Senator Cotton said the following: “Look, we should be proud of our heritage and our founding principles.

Two hundred and forty-five years ago this weekend, our founding fathers declared our independence not just because of local grievances over taxes or the quartering of soldiers, but because they wanted to found a new republic dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal, as Abraham Lincoln said at the Gettysburg Address.”

The simple fact of the matter is that America has had an extraordinary history full of daring, moral courage and innovation that has served as an inspiration to the rest of the world. People everywhere who are seeking freedom and political rights, from Hong Kong to Belarus, have not been shy about making appeals to the American Revolution and the principles enunciated in the Declaration of Independence.

The American flag is not meant to be a symbol of any narrow political interest, but of America as a whole. Pride should not be a divisive issue, and this was the intent of Cotton’s piece. Displaying this symbol of our nation should not be considered a reason to assume that a person is racist or shares other traits from the darker parts of the country’s history.