In Wakefield, Massachusetts, over Fourth of July weekend, an armed group engaged in a multi-hour standoff with police, blocking off a major portion of Interstate 95.

The group carried rifles and other kinds of long guns and wore military fatigues. When the standoff ended, nine people were arrested, though no members of the group were hurt.

As always with such events, details were quite sparse in the beginning. That did not stop leftists on Twitter from jumping to completely unjustified and prejudicial conclusions about what was going on.

When the truth of the matter finally emerged, however, the preconceived and evidence-free narrative that emerged on Twitter utterly exploded.

More Anti-White Lunacy From the Left

When it became clear that none of the men involved were killed, Twitter immediately assumed that all of those men must have been white.

“I couldn’t find pictures, but I’m going to assume being white was a strong factor in them leaving the scene alive,” went one take. We should take note that the person saying this admittedly had no evidence for his assertion, but he went ahead and made the assertion anyway.

Another wrote the following: “Just curious @AP, but why such a poorly written article? You neglected a physical description, RACE, you know…the important sh**. We all know if they were Black men, pics, names, ages, and bullet holes would be posted.”

For those paying attention, however, the AP story on the standoff contained an important clue. One of the group leaders was quoted as saying, “We are not anti-government. We are not anti-police, we are not sovereign citizens, we’re not Black identity extremists.”

Now, if this had really been a group of white men, what would be the point of one of them saying that they were not “Black identity extremists?”

As you might have guessed by now, all of the men involved in the armed standoff were black. In fact, some people on Twitter even streamed bits of the encounter, and their videos clearly showed that the armed men were black.

But in the psychotic, bigoted and race-obsessed minds of the left, having military gear and being armed automatically equates to being white.