Back in April, James O’Keefe, the CEO of Project Veritas, announced that he would be launching a lawsuit against Twitter. The suit was brought over the fact that O’Keefe’s Twitter account was terminated.

Twitter claimed that O’Keefe was running multiple fake accounts. O’Keefe, on the other hand, alleges in his lawsuit that the decision to terminate his account was purely political.

After all, Twitter’s decision came immediately on the heels of a major exposé that Project Veritas was doing on CNN’s technical director Charlie Chester. As part of that work, Project Veritas showed a hidden camera video in which Chester admitted that CNN had been pushing propaganda to drive ratings and was focused primarily on doing whatever was necessary to get Trump out of office.

But now, Project Veritas has scored a major legal victory in its case against Twitter.

A Major Win for O’Keefe

O’Keefe’s lawsuit was originally filed in a New York state court. Twitter tried to get the lawsuit moved to a different jurisdiction in California. Almost certainly, Twitter wanted to move the case into a friendlier jurisdiction so as to have it dismissed more easily.

A federal judge has just denied this change of venue. That means that, one way or another, O’Keefe’s lawsuit will proceed.

As O’Keefe himself explains in a recent video on the subject, Twitter’s ploy was to have the case be brought up to a federal level, thereby enabling the company to transfer the case to California.

At that point, Twitter would easily be able to cite Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act to have the case dismissed.

As part of this attempt, Twitter’s lawyer, Amer Ahmed, claimed that O’Keefe would use the lawsuit to extract significant monetary damages from Twitter. But O’Keefe has utterly denied any attempt to seek such damages. He is interested in justice rather than money. After all, if this really was about money, the case would already be in federal court.

Now that the case is going forward, O’Keefe will be able to conduct discovery on Twitter. Not only that, but executives like Jack Dorsey will be deposed. This will bring all of the corruption and venality of Big Tech out into the light.