A video that depicts a child riding down a street and ripping an American flag from someone’s front yard and tossing it to the ground has gone viral this week, gaining over 1 million views in the space of a few days.

The video comes in the wake of increased tensions regarding American exceptionalism, with many on the left side of the argument believing that the stars and stripes represent racism and hatred.

The video

The video in question, which includes no audio, shows a boy riding a scooter with an adult, presumingly his parent, riding a bike alongside him.

The unidentified boy rides past a front yard that has an American flag standing proudly on the ground.

He attempts to reach and yank the flag out of the ground, but he misses as he rides past.

However, he goes back for more, and the accompanying adult takes a back seat to watch the actions of the child.

The boy gets off his scooter before he rips the flag out from the yard before he tosses it onto the ground without a care in the world.

The adult does nothing to stop him before the two of them ride away from the scene of their vandalism and disrespect.

The problem

The actions depicted in this video show the end result of a much larger problem that the US is facing today.

Many parents and lawmakers have been making the case that the implementation of critical race theory in schools are indoctrinating young children, whilst teaching them to hate everything that is good about America.

Rhetoric from so-called celebrities and groups like Black Lives Matter do not help either, as they continue to push the narrative that America is an evil nation and that citizens should hate their own country.

A BLM chapter in Utah has labeled the stars and stripes as a “symbol of hatred,” whilst also claiming that anyone who dares wave one or have one on display in their homes or gardens is a racist.

Singer Macy Gray has called for the flag to be updated, as the current standard stars and stripes are “tattered, dated, divisive, and incorrect.”

With rhetoric like this infecting mainstream culture, as well as gaining support in the education system, a generation of kids are currently being raised and taught to hate America, the nation of their birth, a nation that has provided so much to the rest of the world over the last century.