An anti-violence event held in Oakland, California over the weekend was disrupted when Antifa members showed up and attempted to drown out the speakers who were calling for an end to gun violence in the city.

However, the roughly 200 black families in attendance, many of which had lost loved ones to this epidemic, hit back at the disturbers, showing their discontent against them and finally giving the Antifa group a taste of their own hateful medicine.

The event

The city of Oakland is facing an all too similar problem that many cities and states are facing up and down the country; gun violence and rising crime rates.

Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong made it a mission to uncover a solution to this crisis, after the city council voted to cut the police budget by millions of dollars at the end of June, despite crime rates rocketing.

Over that weekend in June, four homicides were reported in Oakland over the space of three days, with 65 homicides taking place in the city for 2021, a 90% increase on 2020.

Armstrong decided to reach out to his community for help, after the city council left the police department in tatters.

Over 200 people turned up to express their concerns and mourn their loved ones.

The group was made up of black families who had lost loved ones to the recent surge of violence and crime in the city, and they were given the opportunity to speak at the event which transformed into a memorial.

However, a small group of Antifa members just couldn’t help themselves to show up and disrupt the heartfelt event.

Antifa provokes

The small group, which consisted of mostly angry white people, jeered the speakers as the names of those who have died were read aloud.

They attempted to drown out the speakers, but luckily, the families fought back.

Many confronted the Antifa members, giving them what for and forcing them to retreat with their tails in between their legs.

However, Antifa turning up to this event and disturbing it forced their mask to slip, proving that they do not actually care about Black lives (which was the narrative last summer), instead, they care for their own twisted agenda, coupled with Marxist beliefs such as defunding the police.

This anti-violence memorial in Oakland comes at a time when violent crime is rising across many big cities throughout the country, including Chicago.

The city of Chicago, over the last weekend, recorded close to 100 people being shot over the span of four days, with a further 32 people being shot in a single day later that week.

These rising numbers now mean that a staggering 2,021 people have been shot in the city since the beginning of the year, a 164 increase on the same time last year.

Violent crime is an epidemic that needs to be carefully examined and fixed quickly, it is ruining lives, and the “defund the police” rhetoric is only going to aid the criminals instead of the potential victims.