President Trump’s long-awaited speech, as expected, provoked far-leftists, hit them where it hurts the most and made them go berserk and lash it all out!

Therefore, it is not surprising that one of the trending tweets (at the time of writing this article 2nd place in trending), #ArrestTrumpNow, is a pretty good indicator of liberal tears, fear, and helplessness coming down their way.

Trump’s opponents followed his CPAC speech with great attention, seemingly even more than the Republican side of the aisle did.

They were especially hurt by the president’s promise to deal with the radical left, supporters of critical race theory, and stopping the “cancel culture”.

In addition, Trump also spoke about Biden Administration’s failed policies, mentioning the surge of illegal immigration, bad border handling, and the unwillingness to tackle the issues of Big Tech censorship, which affected the election process and the events that followed.

Trump also referred to allegations that the election was rigged, unknowingly quoting Josef Stalin, who once said that “those who count the votes decide everything.”

Needless to say, it did not take long for the left-wing radicals to come out of their caves and begin a “manhunt”…

MeidasTouch, a “super political action committee” that calls itself an anti-Trump project and protector of American democracy, was founded during the Covid-19 lockdown by three brothers, lifelong democrats, of which the most famous is Ben Meiselas who represented Colin Kaepernick in his legal battles against logic and common sense.

MeidasTouch created a short video with clips of Trump’s phone conversations and public speeches, in which the former president addressed his supporters, and edited them so that someone unfamiliar with the events would think that Trump really started a wave of violence that completely escalated in January’s Capitol riots.

The video shows Trump saying how they’re gonna walk to the Capitol, followed by a video clip of 5 people shouting “take the Capitol”.

In the next scene, Trump stated how “you have to show strength”, and the editors, quite uncreatively, followed by a scene showing people breaking into the Capitol building.

The video ends with the statement “Trump is a domestic terrorist”, and a call for his arrest for inciting violence.

Although Trump has been acquitted of charges of “inciting violence” in the Capitol riots on January 6, the far left is still not giving up on the persecution of the former US president.

Moreover, many of MeidasTouch’s loyal followers who shared their video and called for the president’s arrest have gone so far as to even find Trump guilty of 200,000 deaths caused by, what they say, was a rather slow response in the fight against the pandemic.

Others called Trump the leader of a terrorist organization, referring to the GOP, and questioned how it is possible that more than 500 people had been arrested and Trump was still walking freely.

The most “original” one is the user who blamed Trump for “caging babies”… although we all know who started the whole “caging” policy.

Be that as it may, it is obvious that the water is coming down the throat of the Democrats and their establishment, and that such accusations, subterfuges, and lies are a huge indicator of great change!

Can’t wait for more!