Maroney Opens Up About Past Struggles

McKayla Maroney is opening up about her past struggles and what it took to rise above the challenges after she led the American women’s gymnastics team to gold in the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Maroney’s Olympics Story

Maroney quickly shot to stardom during the Olympics in London. She competed despite being injured at the time. Her displeasure with only nabbing a silver medal in the vault competition even earned her a viral meme that is still recognized today.

Story of Injuries

Shortly after her rise to fame, Maroney got injured once again. An MRI scan revealed a fractured tibia, keeping her on the sidelines for several months.

She was able to go on to compete in later years but abruptly retired from the field after she knew her body was done competing at this level.

Shocking Allegations Against USA Gymnastics

Maroney was one of several gymnasts who came forward and accused the USA gymnastics team physician of sexual and emotional abuse when the girls were minors. Dr. Larry Nassar was eventually convicted on the charges and sentenced to up to 175 years in prison. Maroney’s testimony was a key element of the traumatic trial.

Maroney’s Troubles Not Over

Nassar’s jail sentence was not the end of the troubles for Maroney. Due to the constant media attention and paparazzi following her every move, she revealed that she developed anxiety and an eating disorder.

In 2019, Maroney’s father passed away suddenly at the age of 59, leaving the former gymnast gutted.

What Is Next?

Maroney has continued to meet each challenge head-on. She has recently launched a health and beauty line of products while also writing songs and making music.