Work is a significant part of many people’s lives. It’s so significant that success and enjoyment at work, or misery and failure there, can carry over and lead to those very same things in life more broadly.

All sorts of factors contribute to your work and life satisfaction, from the work itself and the kinds of colleagues you have to the salary, benefits and vacation packages that may come included.

But imagine devoting 14 years of your life to performing the best work that you possibly can for one company. You’d think that after that kind of dedication, the company would repay you with some significant trust and loyalty.

Sadly, there was no such luck for one Redditor named Nick. One day, Nick took to the Malicious Compliance Subreddit to tell his story. It was a tale of how a previously well-run company had been sold and then driven into the ground by a series of horrendous management decisions.

Worse than that, it was the tale of how he, a loyal, longtime employee, had been saddled by baseless and ridiculous accusations of “gross misconduct” by a new and vindictive boss.

In the end, though, there was a silver lining. Nick got his revenge.

Horrible Bosses

For the first 12 years of his 14-year tenure at his company, Nick loved his job.

His main responsibilities involved selling product. He did extraordinarily well when placed face-to-face with customers. And because he didn’t like doing cold calls, while working inside the office, he was mainly tasked with training other employees.

Then, part of the company Nick worked for — the part where he worked — was put up for sale. Since the cost of continuing to work for his old boss became prohibitive, he threw his lot in with the new one.

Immediately after this happened, a significant chunk of the old staff was let go. Nick was one of the few who was lucky enough to remain at work. Over time, company revenues began to fall, and management responded by increasing prices rather than making better products. Older customers especially noticed, and this triggered a mass exodus.

Absurdly, Nick was blamed for all of this. None of these accusations had any merit, and as Nick later discovered, they were merely threats to push him into accepting a lower salary.

Nick fought back, calling a lawyer and preparing a lawsuit. Even better, the very employee that Nick was forced to train to replace him quit in solidarity with him.

Eventually, the lawsuit was settled out of court, and the new company bosses got egg on their faces.