Since Biden entered the White House in January, oil prices have risen by an astonishing 40%. They currently sit at six-year highs.

In addition to the rising cost of inflation and increased demand from extreme temperatures nationwide, cyberattacks on US energy infrastructure have been spiking recently and occurring with astonishing frequency.

OPEC had recently failed to reach a deal on oil production, so Biden urged the group to step up production. This has created the appearance that Biden wants to lessen American oil production in an attempt to curtail climate change, but he tells foreigners to ramp up theirs.

Responses by White House and GOP Lawmakers

When White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked about the spike in oil prices recently, she claimed that it was related to “seasonal fluctuations.”

She did not mention recent history under Trump when America was on a trajectory toward energy independence for the first time in decades.

GOP policymakers were upset that the nation’s oil is once again to be outsourced to foreign nations rather than permitting American companies and workers to benefit from the income and profits associated with any domestic product. This also increases the federal trade deficit, which is a consistent concern for the GOP and a constant part of their party platform.

Senator Ted Cruz blasted these polices as helping “Russia and Iran, not America.” Representative Lauren Boebert pointed to these polices as proof that doesn’t care about creating jobs and keeping gas prices low.

Even the Premier of Alberta, Jason Kenney, weighed in, calling Biden urges to OPEC “a very peculiar approach to energy & global security.”