In his opening monologue on his Monday night show “Hannity,” Fox host Sean Hannity slammed the US Olympic Committee (USOC) over their plan to redesign the US flag for the Olympics, replacing the classic 50 stars with 5 and completely altering the shape of the iconic stripes.

Hannity’s monologue comes after the USOC asked Olympians and Paralympians associations to fill out an online survey, with one of the questions proposing changes to the US flag, to be used on all USOC materials and kits for future Olympics.

The changes won’t come into effect until after 2022.

Hannity’s monologue

Hannity used his monologue to call for the USOC to relent in their pursuit of redesigning the American flag of the Olympics, stating that the current Stars and Stripes represents every single American fan and every American athlete.

He called for the committee to stop wasting “time and money” in their redesign, stating that the current Stars and Stripes should and always remain in place.

He stated that all Olympians and Paralympians represent the United States of America and “its beloved Star-Spangled Banner.”

Hannity concluded his monologue by simply stating that “we already have a flag.”

Other reactions

Former US Olympian and current California Governor candidate Caitlyn Jenner stated that “we need to keep politics out of this thing,” when referring to how politics has infected sports and the Olympics.

She stated that, by keeping politics out of the Olympics, then we will be able to maintain the beauty of the event, an event that has more countries participating in it than have signed up to the United Nations.

She reflected on how politics began to enter sports after the 1972 Munich massacre saw two Israeli Olympians murdered by Palestinian terrorists.

Kate Hartman, a spokesperson for USOC, spoke to Fox News regarding the redesign, stating that the committee is in the “early stages” of the redesign process and that they are currently brainstorming a number of different ideas.

She stated that it is common practice to release potential ideas to monitor the reactions of the public before progressing further.

It appears the reaction to this specific redesign has not gone the way that they hoped.