Former Trump Lawyer Jenna Ellis has resigned from the party amid her very public spat with the top brass in the Republican National Convention (RNC).

She made the announcement live on air whilst appearing on the conservative show “Real America’s Voice,” slamming the party for not doing enough to stand by President Donald Trump during his election defeat to President Joe Biden.

The spat originated after an upcoming book by Michael Wolff claims that, after the election loss in November, RNC chief Justin Riemer e-mailed Ellis to question the legitimacy of the former President’s fraud claims.

The fallout

According to a Business Insider report, Riemer reportedly wrote to colleagues within the RNC, demanding to know why they were supporting Trump’s “unfounded claims” of electoral fraud.

Ellis, who was a key Trump campaign lawyer at the time, also received the e-mail whilst she was at a dinner with former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and former police commissioner Bernie Kerik.

All three were reportedly stunned by the contents of the e-mail, Giuliani allegedly threatening Riemer’s position in the RNC.

Riemer is still serving in his position and an RNC spokesperson has completely denied the reported story.

However, Ellis confirmed that Wolff’s story was true, accusing the RNC of blatantly lying to cover their tracks, claiming that she “has the receipts.”

Following her confirmation, alongside the backing of Bernie Kerik, RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel blocked Ellis on Twitter, with Ellis calling for her resignation from the convention.

Ellis’ resignation

After the assumed conclusion of the very public spat between Ellis and the RNC, Ellis appeared on the conservative news show “Real America’s Voice,” to publicly slam the RNC once again, before she suddenly resigned from the party in the middle of the broadcast.

Ellis attacked the party for abandoning the former President during his fight to prove that fraudulent votes played a significant part in the 2020 election results, before complaining about how the RNC is currently being run.

She demanded to know where the millions of dollars raised by the convention towards the end of 2020 went, and why it wasn’t used to aid the Trump team.

She then stated that McDaniel should resign from her position, before announcing her own resignation from the party.