“9 Months with Courtney Cox” show has recently featured an unusual couple.

The excerpt from the show depicted a Nahua trans woman called Petrona, along with Ahanu, her Kainai trans male partner, and their young child.

The video sparked interest because of the reverse gender roles it showed.

While Ahanu is the one who reportedly “gave birth” to the child, Petrona is the one who took a nursing role, as clearly depicted by the video.

The video shows the family spending their time on a bed covered with a colored blanket.

Ahanu is seen topless and with visible post-mastectomy scars, along with a full-grown beard.

Petrona, on the other hand, holds the baby on her male chest.

At one moment, Ahanu asked Petrona if the baby is getting any milk, to which, quite expectedly, Petrona responded that she was not able to produce any.

She added that, fortunately, the baby received all the supplements it needs to maintain a proper diet.

The video excerpt ends with mutually exchanged words of appreciation between the partners.

A similar attempt of a biological male feeling as a woman to breastfeed the baby took headlines in 2018.

Back then, the parent managed to produce milk owing to a hospital-induced lactation, aided by a regimen of U.S.-banned drugs.

Comments from the Senator

The video provoked a widespread reaction on social media.

While some users praised the family, many were much more skeptical of what they saw.

They criticized the actions of Ahanu and Petrona as a violation of the human rights of the child who is deprived of a natural diet from her mother.

Others just pointed out that such a video promotes unnatural experimentation with human reproductive organs, even making comparisons to the practices by notorious Nazi doctor Joseph Mengele.

One of the people who commented on the video was Republican Senator John Kennedy from Louisiana.

He stressed how various other sorts of news are being censored, while this video, which, according to him, could be described as medical misinformation, is being widely sponsored on social media.

Senator Kennedy described the social media companies as “nauseously woke,” adding that they are falsely presenting themselves as fair and objective.

The Senator emphasized that he would trust these companies as much as he would “trust Bill Cosby as a bartender.”

Senator Kennedy concluded that there is nothing wrong with having political beliefs, but that social media corporations have to be cautious because, by having such a strong influence on present-day society, the promotion of their views might go out of control and violate the laws enshrined in the U.S. Constitution.