A George Floyd wall mural in Ohio has been reduced to rubble after being struck by lightning in a freak, yet ironic, act of nature.

Local media in Toledo, Ohio reported that the mural, which was created on July 10th last year, was completely reduced to rubble after the strike, with local fire services confirming that they are unable to reconstruct the mural that depicted the face of the Black Lives Matter icon.

TFRD reported that a witness at the scene had seen a powerful lightning bolt strike the wall and destroy the mural.

The local fire department later confirmed that the entire structural collapse was caused by the lightning strike, amid rumours of foul play.

A common trend?

The George Floyd mural was created just over a year ago, in remembrance of the criminal that was killed by a Minneapolis police officer and sparked a summer of Black Lives Matter protests and riots across the country and around the world.

At the time of the mural’s creation, a Twitter user uploaded a video of the wall being painted, stating that the mural was a community outreach project to remember George Floyd and all those who died from police brutality.

Murals and remembrance icons have popped up throughout America and the rest of the world since his death last year, and many have been vandalised and defaced ever since, after the Black Lives Matter movement received heavy criticism for a number of riots and assaults.

Recently, a George Floyd bust in Brooklyn was defaced by black spray paint, after it was created to commemorate “Juneteenth,” before being vandalised five days later.

Locals reported that the bust was splashed with black paint on the front of the icon, with white spray paint used on the sides to show off the URL for the group who committed the act.

The bust was restored fully throughout the day.

A pornstar also died under mysterious circumstances, after she faced heavy backlash online from lefties and BLM activists for posting a topless picture online, depicting her posing in front of a Black Lives Matter mural.

However, sources close to the adult actress stated that she already suffered from numerous personal struggles, and that she had expressed anger after being targeted online.