Big tech censorship has been on the rise since the election of President Donald Trump in 2016, and his failure to act on limiting the powers of the world’s biggest social media companies.

However, the self-proclaimed “Bitcoin Millionaire” Erik Finman may have found a way around the issue, with the launch of his new “Freedom Phone.”

The new smartphone, according to Finman, will be completely uncensored and will promote privacy and freedom of speech as its two main priorities.

Finman made the announcement of the new smartphone via his Twitter account, and he has had social media talking about its “unbelievable” features that challenge big tech censorship ever since.

What can the Freedom Phone do?

According to the dedicated website for the new smartphone, the Freedom Phone comes with unique features such as an uncensored app store and installed tracking blockers.

The website then goes into detail about how the app store works.

It claims that Freedom Phone customers will be able to “read, watch and think” in any way they want, without fear of being censored or banned.

The app store will also allow users to download and access other apps that may be banned on other app stores, such as the alternative social media app Parler.

The Freedom Phone has been designed with an operating system that is “based on free speech.”

Finman explained in his launch video that the Freedom Phone comes with a privacy “guard” called “Trust,” which will send an alert to users if their phone is being monitored or tracked.

The phone is due to launch in August at the price of $499.99, far cheaper than the launch of any of the popular new iPhones.

The phone screen will be 6 inches long and will include a “Great Camera,” however, full specs for the phone are yet to be released.

The Freedom Phone: A technological masterpiece or a dream for the world’s worst?

The Freedom Phone is offering many freedom and privacy policies that numerous social media sites are unable to offer their own users, which understandably shook the big tech giants.

However, the big tech companies are not the only ones concerned by the new smartphone revelation, with multiple Twitter user expressing their opinions.

One user stated that he was concerned about where the parts of the phone were coming from, that being from unspecified companies in China, as well expressing concern over the lack of specs published, with the phone due to launch in a month’s time.

Other users were quick to point out that, with the Freedom Phone alerting users if it is being tracked, numerous criminals will be using the phone so they can avoid the law.

Some users also pointed out that, with an uncensored app store, ideas such as Nazism will be able to spread online far easier as there will be no content restrictions on the smartphone.