In a shocking yet short video conducted by former Democrat presidential candidate Ami Horowitz, white liberals in one of America’s biggest cities have shown their true colors and disdain for the black population.

The video depicts Horowitz traveling around New York City, asking white liberals why they are against voter ID laws.

In the second half of the video, he goes and presents the comments made by the white liberals to the black population, all of whom contradict the left’s argument when it comes to voter ID.

The video

The video, titled “Ami on the street,” opens with him asking people if they have an opinion on voter ID laws in the United States.

He receives the classic answer from the left, that being that voter ID law is a form of racism.

He then poses the question to multiple people if they believe that voter ID is a way to suppress the black vote, to which they all reply with yes, but for different reasons.

One states that black people are “far less likely to have state IDs” than white people, whilst another states that “minority voters are less likely to have access to the IDs that are required.”

Another interviewee stated that black people were less likely to have access to stores, like the DMV, where they can collect the needed identification, whereas another shockingly claimed that they “do not have the knowledge” regarding applying for ID online.

This same interviewee doubled down on her stance, claiming that black people are “uneducated” in that area.

A final interviewee stated that the black vote is oppressed due to convicted felons not being afforded the right the vote, suggesting that in swing states such as Florida, convicted felons make up a “significant part of the African American vote.”

What did the black population have to say?

In the second part of the video, Horowitz interviews some of East Harlem’s black residents to get their thoughts on the comments made by the white liberals in the first section, and their answers did not disappoint!

All of the individuals that Horowitz spoke to claimed and showed that they had some form of identification, immediately crushing the Democrat narrative that it’s harder for black people and minority voters to get an ID.

One even laughed at the suggestion that she would find it difficult to receive one, others looked shocked.

All of them reaffirmed that they need to have ID and that everyone they knew also had ID, giving the basis of the Democrat’s argument little to no leg to stand on.

One interviewee even accused Horowitz of trying to pulling a trick on him and his partner when asked to show their IDs to him as proof.

He then raised the suggestion that black people have issues trying to get to the nearest store to acquire any identification that is needed to vote, to which all those who were asked told him where the nearest DMV was.

Horowitz’s video completely blows away all arguments that Democrats have put forward against voter ID, purely because their arguments were baseless and terribly assuming to begin with which begs the question, do Democrats really think so little of black people that they wouldn’t be able to get ID to have a say on how their country is run?