Megan Fox looked to set the record straight regarding comments she made about former US President Donald Trump after she and her boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly sat in the same row as the President at the UFC 264 event, which saw Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor headline for a star-studded crowd in Las Vegas.

Fox labeled the President as a “legend” during her interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” referring to the reception he received from the crowd when he took his seat cage side.

Why is this such a big issue?

In short…it isn’t.

Anyone who watched the interview with guest-host Arsenio Hall will know that Fox wasn’t directly referring to the former President as a “legend,” however, that didn’t stop the cancel culture mob from going after her.

Uproar launched on social media regarding Fox’s comments, with many accusing the “Till Death” actress of being a hidden Trump supporter.

This backlash prompted her to address the situation on her Instagram stories to set the record straight.

She wrote multiple posts on her stories, all in capital blocks, to explain her statement.

She stated that she does not align herself with “ANY POLITICAL PARTY OR INDIVIDUAL POLITICIANS,” reiterating that she did not directly refer to the former President as a “legend.”

Fox clarified that she was referring to Trump as a legend “IN THAT ARENA,” claiming that was a key part of her sentence that had been left out by critics.

She stated that she had observed the Las Vegas crowd was “CLEARLY REPUBLICAN” based on the reaction the former President received, before attacking those who aimed abuse at her, likening her situation to a “witch hunt.”

UFC 264 ended with Conor McGregor snapping his own ankle at the end of the first round, giving Dustin Poirier the victory via a doctor stoppage.

Fox then went on to discuss her recent trip to Costa Rica with boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly, describing the “hell” she went through when the pair took ayahuasca in the Costa Rican wilderness.