More than 10 people were shot in the city of Chicago during two mass shootings on Wednesday morning, that took place only a few hours apart from each other.

Shootings throughout the city have increased by 11% when compared with the same time last year, with 1,688 shootings having taken place throughout Chicago as of last Sunday, according to the CPD.

The shootings

The most recent shooting took place in the Gresham neighborhood which, according to the police department, has seen numerous shootings already this year.

A police spokeswoman stated that a group of people was standing on the sidewalk before a car pulled up in an alley next to them.

Three gunmen exited the car and shot at the group, with four men and a woman being wounded.

The woman was struck in the hip and one of the men was struck in the ankle.

The other three men were struck in the face, back and side and all remain in critical condition.

This shooting took place outside the Target Area DevCorp, a non-profit anti-violence group, with the victims being confirmed to have not been a part of a gang.

Hours earlier, a shooting took place in the West Side of the city, in which four women and a man were injured.

The group was allegedly standing outside when they were confronted by a single male gunman, who began firing at them.

All victims are expected to survive and no arrests have been made in connection with either shooting.


Alderman Anthony Napolitano pinned the blame on Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx during an interview with Fox News, stating that Foxx refused to prosecute suspected criminals.

He also blamed numerous lawmakers for pressing ahead with efforts to cut the police budget despite rising crime rates.

He stated that there are only a “handful of people” that actually want to solve the crime rate issue, whilst the rest are playing the “political game.”

Alderman Raymond Lopez, and a frequent critic of Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, pinned the blame onto her, stating that she “is not up to the task of keeping residents safe.”

He accused her of having no plan to keep the people of Chicago safe, claiming that her “politics and pride are killing Chicagoans.”

Alderman Napolitano also stated that Lightfoot refused to meet with former President Donald Trump after he offered federal assistance to the city last year to help local law enforcement deal with the rising crime rates.

Lightfoot then met with President Joe Biden after the bloody 4th of July weekend to ask for federal assistance, a point that Napolitano laughed at.

Alderman Lopez noted during his own Fox News interview that Chicago was on track to have over 800 murders by the end of the year.

On Sunday, that number stood at 284.