There is no doubt that Hollywood is a cutthroat place. Actors come and go with some floating into obscurity as fast as they rose to stardom. Here are just a few of the actors that got put on the Hollywood blacklist.

Megan Fox


Megan Fox rose to fame when she starred in the action movie “Transformers.” However, the Hollywood “it” girl has all but disappeared from the scene as of late. Some experts hypothesize that director Michael Bay punished her by convincing others in the industry to blacklist her after she criticized him in an interview.

Brendan Fraser


Brendan Fraser hit it big when he starred in “George of the Jungle” and the films in “The Mummy” franchise. However, after a pair of flops with “Furry Vengeance” and “Extraordinary Measures,” producers began to shy away from Fraser. It seems as if nobody wanted to take a chance on Fraser any longer.

Jessica Alba


Jessica Alba was once the darling of Hollywood, culminating in her role in the “Fantastic Four” franchise. However, the industry’s obsession with physical appearance eventually took a toll on the actress. She eventually decided she had had enough and she stepped away from Hollywood to focus on her family. Alba now has her own wildly successful line of health and beauty products.

Jennifer Connelly


The Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Connelly certainly created a name for herself in the industry, starring in acclaimed flicks such as “A Beautiful Mind” and “He’s Just Not That Into You.” Despite the success, Connelly said that she found the industry to be fake and shallow, causing her to make the decision to step back.