President Joe Biden has recently entered talks with social media companies, the main goal of which is to increase the level of “misinformation” labeling of COVID-19-related posts regarded by the government as inaccurate.

This action is viewed as a part of the White House’s broader strategy to combat the decline in vaccination rates across the country.

President Biden’s vaccination campaign came under scrutiny after it failed to reach a goal of 70 percent of American adult citizens vaccinated with at least one vaccine dose until July 4th.

Dissatisfied with the company’s approach to the fact-checking, President Biden attacked Facebook on Friday, calling it responsible for “the killing of people.”

Biden accused social media outlets such as Facebook of contributing to what he called “the pandemic among the unvaccinated people, which is the only one out there.”

The harshness of the President’s remarks was quite unexpected to anyone at the conference.

It also sparked an intense backlash from Twitter users and Facebook itself.

Twitter reacts

One of the Twitter users who responded to Biden’s accusation of Facebook was Republican Senator Ron Johnson from Wisconsin.

He agreed that Big Tech companies such as Facebook are responsible for people’s deaths but emphasized that the President wrongly identified the issue.

Johnson wrote that the social media’s censorship of messages about the early treatment options was the one that led to the deaths of many people, adding that Big Tech companies became “Big Brother’s tool” instead of a free forum for everyone.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald asked if social media are responsible for killing people because they promote obesity, junk food, and alcohol consumption, as well as cigarette smoking, on their platforms.

The Daily Wire’s commentator Ben Shapiro was much more concise, describing Biden’s words as “authoritarian nonsense.”

Policy analyst Erielle Davidson stressed that every regime full of corruption has a practice of silencing its citizens by invoking alleged public interests.

Facebook’s official statement

Facebook issued its official response to President Biden’s remarks.

The company said that, instead of killing people, it actually helped in saving lives.

Facebook’s statement pointed out how more than 2 billion people worldwide saw its fact-checked information about COVID-19 disease and vaccines, which is more than at any other location.

The statement added that around 3.3 million Americans utilized Facebook’s service, which helped them find the nearest vaccination center, concluding that President’s unfounded claims would not distract Facebook from its aims.