Antifa thugs are becoming ever more brazen as they assaulted police officers during a counter-protest at a Los Angeles spa known for a disrobing incident with a transgender woman – this time, however, the riot police have stood their ground and have arrested dozens of the far-left radicals.

The clashes between law enforcement and impudent antifa anarchists occurred after a protest in favor of women’s rights was held at the Wi Spa in Los Angeles, where on June 24, 2021, a transgender woman, i.e. a biological male, disrobed in the women’s section showing her – or his – penis to young girls, teenagers, and adult females.

The incident caused an outrage among the female customers of the spa, and one woman made several videos, which went viral.

Wi Spa responded that it was acting according to California’s anti-discrimination law, which protects transgender individuals, and said that Los Angeles, like many metropolitan areas, “contains a transgender population”, including people enjoying “visiting a spa.”

Protests continue

In an initial protest at Wi Spa on July 3, Christian pastors and women’s rights activists were assaulted and beaten by violent antifa thugs, with the police intervening eventually.

In this second protest vs. counter-protest standoff, however, an even greater crowd of antifa thugs seems to have gathered, and apparently felt powerful enough so as to directly assault police officers.

A series of videos posted on Twitter by independent journalist Brendan Gutenschwager as well as by antifa members and pro-transgenderism activists caught the brazen attacks on the police, with law enforcement officers responding categorically and decisively.

The LAPD has arrested dozens of antifa thugs, and also discovered numerous discarded weapons such as knives, a stun gun, and pepper spray.

In a tweet, the LAPD said that projectiles and smoke bombs were thrown at the police forces, and a dispersal order was issued as a result, leading to the arrests of “several dozen” counter-protesters.

Antifa first tried to get to the protesters supporting Christianity and women’s rights, and when the police prevented them, far-left terrorists started tossing water bottles and smoke bombs.

It was after this, that the antifa criminals began to assault the police.

Spitting in the face

The riot police started to push the crowd of counter-protesters away from the Wi Spa, after declaring their counter-protest to be an unlawful assembly.

In one video, a LAPD officer could be seen hitting an antifa thug spitting in his face.

In another video, a police officer shot a rubber bullet at a counter-protester at close range, after the protester was shouting at the police to put down their guns.

Prior to Saturday’s attacks by antifa, the southwest chapter of the Youth Liberation Front, which is a “persistent military voice”, according to The Seattle Times, posted online a flyer urging its followers to gather at Wi Spa in LA in order to “smash fascism” and “smash transphobia”; it described the second counter-protest as “ROUND TWO MOTHER F**!”

Numerous Twitter users have cheered at the reaction of the LAPD against the antifa criminals, praising them for standing firm against the disrupters and declaring that apparently the Los Angeles police is unlike those in Portland, Oregon, Chicago, or New York City.