Back in 2000, President Donald Trump, back then only a celebrity billionaire, gave a speech at a meeting with a Cuban-American organization in Florida which contained stunningly correct predictions about Cuba – as well as a prediction about himself.

Video footage from 2000 shows Trump’s moving speech to the Cuban-American National Foundation, in which he finds very moving and touching words for Cubans and their strife for freedom against the tyranny, crimes, and terror of the communist regime established by Fidel Castro in 1959.

His words from 21 years ago appear to have been prophetic against the backdrop of his own presidency of the United States as well as the greatest mass protesters against the communist dictatorship in Cuba, which erupted a week ago and were met with brutal repressions.

People of great spirit!

Back then still a real estate mogul, Trump starts off his speech before the Cuban-American National Foundation by declaring that he has just befriended a “lot of great people” from Cuba and the Cuban-American community.

He quickly judges Cuban-Americans as “people with tremendous spirit” who are also “great people”.

The future President of the United States declares that the spirit of the Cuban people “is beyond any spirit” that he has ever seen, and that he has observed it for a long time.

Trump states that he has become friends with the Cuban community and that he is going to be there for them whenever they might need him.

He lambasts then long-time Cuban communist dictator Fidel Castro by declaring that his jails are filled with dissidents, his graveyards are filled with patriots, and his government is filled with thugs.

Trump described Fidel Castro as a “murderer”, “killer” and a “bad guy in every respect”.

Fidel Castro ran Cuba as the first secretary of the country’s Communist Party between 1965 and 2011, before passing the dictatorship to his younger brother Raul Castro, and dying in 2016.

In April 2021, himself already an exhausted gerontocrat, Raul Castro withdrew, leaving the top post in the country to Miguel Diaz-Canel, the Cuban leader presently facing the wrath of protesters.

In his 2000 speech, Donald Trump tells the Cuban-American community that freedom-loving Cubans will have victory sooner rather than later.

He predicted the Cuban regime is going to come down, that things can change, and that they can turn around rapidly.

Adios amigo!

He says that if he could meet Castro, he will only have two words for him: “Adios, amigo!”

Trump also reveals that he has had lots of offers for business deals in Cuba but rejected them on the basis that “I will go when Cuba’s free”.

He tells the Cuban Americans that “you will win”, and that he is going to be with them watching them win.

Then in his speech comes a moment which is even more prophetic: as Trump remarks that he doesn’t know yet in what capacity he will be witnessing the liberation of Cuba from the communist thugs, he states that he is either going to be “the greatest developer” in the US, “or the greatest president” that America has had in a long time.

That last line from this speech back in 2000 has indeed proven to be an astonishingly correct prophecy after Donald Trump won the presidential election in 2016, only 16 years later.

As President of the United States of America, Trump has doubled down on US efforts to punish the communist regime of Cuba for its crimes and excesses and has been more than right to do so.

The greatest evidence of that is Trump’s overwhelming popularity among the Cuban-American community as well as the fact that in mid-2021, freedom-seeking protesters in Havana have been waving precisely American flags.