Libertarian commentator and comedian Joe Rogan has exposed bluntly the hypocrisy of Hollywood, and how its mindlessly liberal culture ends up producing, in his words, “f** insane people” of no real persuasion and empty role-playing.

During a recent appearance on the Charlie Kirk Show, Rogan spoke about Hollywood’s hypocritical culture based on his own experience as an actor auditioning for roles.

He recalled how he used to go to movie industry auditions and see “these poor f***s” flocking there in order to try to land a role, who seemed to him as being utterly “lost in this world”, in which they are supposed to make others like them in order to be “chosen for things.”

Rogen pointed out that this is “what shapes the entire mindset” of that part of the country, apparently referring to California and the West Coast.

The “entire mindset” in question, in his words, boils down to a person doing those things that he or she thinks will make him or her likable to other people.

Hollywood is divided

Rogen went on to expose the completely unrealistic presumption that everybody in Hollywood is liberal.

He asked rhetorically how that is possible in any business at all, considering the fact that the country is more or less evenly divided among liberals and conservatives.

Maybe it is that everybody who is creative, expressive, and theatrical is also liberal, the comedian wondered.

He then responded to his own question: it’s not possible because all the people involved with Hollywood don’t actually hold those liberal opinions that they appear to.

Rogen elaborated that people in Hollywood are willing to not have really opinions on anything else “other than feeding narcissism”.

He noted how they are feeding careers that seem “insurmountable, impossible to achieve” for the vast majority striving to make it big in Hollywood simple because the odds for that are really small, and there are so many people in Hollywood that never make it.

As a result, the film industry has produced a whole “bunch of f** insane people”, Rogen concludes.

He added many of them were insane anyway as they went into the field since they were in need of a lot of attention.

Then, however, come all the rejections over and over again.

Bunch of lunatics

The comedian recalled a girl he was dating, an aspiring actress who would come back from auditions totally devastated, with “angst pulsating off her body.”

Rogen said people with that Hollywood-influenced mindset become weirded out and bitter, and start adopting those liberal ideologies or ideals – but certainly not necessarily because they believe in them.

He emphasized how, “occasionally” there are characters of the Mark Ruffalo type, who might really be into those things, but in most cases, most of these actors are “just nonsense people”.

Then those same “nonsense people” would get up on stage at the Oscars or the Grammies, and proclaim their stances on various kinds of causes, a performance that Rogen described bluntly as “f**n horse**.”

He also mocked the celebrities who participated in putting together an “Imagine” song video during the pandemic as an example of the empty theoretically “liberal” culture of Hollywood that he unmasked.