In the latest fit of wokeist, transgenderist corporate insanity, Apple has unveiled a “pregnant man” emoji, prompting Fox News host Tucker Carlson and his guest, conservative Canadian commentator Mark Steyn to wonder what it can be used for, and to conclude that this must a depiction of Prince Harry.

The latest Apple emoji depicts a person, supposedly a man who has short hair, moustache, though no beard, who is also clutching his swollen belly as though “he” is pregnant – or just ate too much.

Or is an overeater with a bad case of indigestion.

On his Fox News show, Tucker Carlson derided the wokeist, pro-transgenderism Big Tech by suggesting that all people’s smartphones will be receiving an important update that a “pregnant man” emoji has become available – although he did note that the “pregnant man” appears to be “more constipated than pregnant.”

Carlson asked his frequent guest Mark Steyn whether the new Apple emoji is a good or a bad thing since men who are “pregnant” “don’t exist in nature.”

Steyn responded laughing, however, that the emoji doesn’t look so much as being pregnant as it looks like Prince Harry – “Prince Harry the Pregnant Man.”


Carlson then said the simultaneously woke and transgenderist emoji was “just so weird” – as if you wake up in the morning with everything being fine, and find out that “Ron Jeremy is pregnant”, and with an English accent, a reference to the classic male pornstar.

Calrson and his guest Steyn then both agreed that the emoji, or its conceptual use, appears to be “up for grabs.”

Steyn stated he doesn’t understand under what circumstances under which Apple’s new Pregnant Man emoji would be used.

The Fox News host, however, ventures a guess that it might be meant for responding when somebody says something insane.

Steyn struck a more serious note, recalling the time machine of HG Wells in which the narrator goes to the future and discovers that humanity has devolved and its language consists of only a “few primitive catch phrases.”

He added that emoji is the phase that follows that, and then the pregnant man emoji follows the original ones since it has “nothing to do with anything.”

The Canadian commentator then said the new emoji could help the people who are alright with “the decimation of reality” to stand out.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson concluded by vowing to use Apple’s latest insane pro-wokeism, pro-transgenderism emoji in every single text message that he sends.