UK Woman Injured After Trying TikTok Egg Hack

TikTok has not necessarily inspired confidence lately with its hacks. First, it was people who were vaping Tide pods. The latest is a woman in the UK who was injured after she tried the TikTok poached egg hack.

Details of Egg Hack

Anyone who has ever tried to master making the perfect poached eggs knows how challenging it is to perfect this process. However, the latest viral TikTok gave viewers an easy hack to produce beautifully poached eggs.

The video shows you how to fill a deep container with water and vinegar. Simply crack an egg into the water and then put it in the microwave for 90 seconds. The result is a delicious poached egg.

What Went Wrong

Chantelle Conway thought she was saving time with this hack by putting the egg in water that was already boiling before popping it into the microwave for only 10 seconds. However, this trick backfired on her, injuring her badly in the process.

Conway performed this method successfully for two years. Until one day, she went to extricate an egg from the hot water and the liquid shot up to her face and neck, causing serious burns.

Conway’s Reaction

The woman said that it was the worst pain that she had ever felt in her life, detailing that it was worse than natural childbirth. Conway compared the feeling to a blowtorch on your face.

The hospital treated Conway with a jelly face mask and morphine to relieve the pain. While Conway is finally recovering, she said that it is hard to hear her young child say she does not like looking at the burns.