The Disney theme parks have announced bewildering changes to their classic Jungle Cruise ride, woke-ifying it in order to remove “colonialist” and “racist” depictions of non-white natives.

The wokeist makeover of the Jungle Cruise, a favorite Disney attraction to many generations, has now been stripped of elements containing depictions of historical facts, which used to be considered humorous.

These include cannibalism in the Amazon River Basin or Borneo’s headhunting tribes which were illustrated by Trader Sam, a shrunken head dealer.

With those “colonialist” and “racist” elements are now gone, the Jungle Cruise ride in Disney theme parks depicts animals, including monkeys, which torment the tourists.

Besides being overtly “woke”, the new version of the ride also puts an emphasis on the environment and the havoc that humans wreak on it, the LA Times reports.

The Jungle Cruise ride in Disney’s parks has been enjoyed by families of all ethnic backgrounds since 1955.

Disney reactions

According to the LA Times, however, it has a “racist” “reputation” since it portrayed indigenous people like cannibals, attackers, or tourist attractions – which the liberal paper calls “tribal caricatures” seen “through a colonialist lens.”

The top Disney executive on “inclusion strategies”, Carmen Smith, told the newspaper that if something in the theme parks’ content perpetuates “a misconception or a stereotype”, the company figures out a way to enhance and change it “so it is relevant” – a seemingly well-suited approach to the monstrous self-hating changes that the radical left is trying to impose on Americans in the woke era.

Smith then adds that getting such makeovers is “about arming people with knowledge” and that people should understand that Disney never meant “to make anyone feel uncomfortable.”

Disney’s creative portfolio executive, Chris Beatty, in turn, told The Independent the obviously wokeist makeover is not a “re-envisioning of the entire attraction.”

Beatty claimed that it is still the same Jungle Cruise that “you know and love” but while “addressing” what are said to be “negative depictions of natives.”

The executive elaborated that Disney is constantly “evaluating” how to “enhance attractions and experiences” in its theme parks so that “everybody has the best time”, while it is “respectful of the diverse world” that we live in.

Meanwhile, the NPR, among many other legacy media outlets, declared that the Jungle Cruise ride at Disneyland used to showcase “racist, colonialist depictions of Africans” but now has slapstick monkeys besting clueless tourists.

According to Vulture, the ride in question used to feature an “offensive streak of virulently racist imagery.”

Disney’s theme park changes to the once-beloved Jungle Cruise are the latest episode in which a large corporation is seeking to appease a vocal minority of ill-minded social justice warriors and Marxist wokeists whose main purpose appears to be trying to instill self-hatred in Americans and to create crises in racial relations.

Back in 2018, Disney changed its attraction on Pirates of the Caribbean by removing the “bride auction”, and replacing it with a band of women looting a city.