The Wi Spa in Los Angeles’ Koreatown — which entered the national spotlight after a woman made a viral video in which she complained to the spa’s staff that a biological man claiming to be a woman had been exposing himself to women and girls in the women’s dressing room — has now become a battlefield.

Normally, when Antifa thugs decide to defend upon a Democrat-controlled city and cause mayhem, the politicians in charge of the city tell the police to stand down and allow Antifa to do as it pleases. After all, many of the Democrats in leftist cities like Seattle at least tacitly support what Antifa stands for.

But it appears that things have gotten so bad in at the Wi Spa that even L.A. — perma-blue L.A. — has gotten sick of Antifa.

Two weeks ago, when the controversy over the Wi Spa started, right-wing protesters came to the area to protest the spa’s policy of apparently allowing grown men to expose themselves to little girls. Antifa showed up to disrupt this, and as usual, the thugs started a riot.

Surprisingly, L.A. police stormed in and efficiently cleaned things up.

In response, Antifa took to the internet and announced plans to stage another riot in L.A. on July 17 at 10 a.m.

It did not go well for them.

The LAPD Finally Cracks Down

Video taken at the scene of the second planned riot shows Antifa hooligans tossing smoke bombs at the police and antagonizing them.

Usually, these stunted adult children are used to being mollycoddled. They are used to being allowed to riot and suffering no consequences for their actions. That’s why it must have been such a shock to them that police in L.A. finally decided to respond by clubbing them with batons.

In one video, an Antifa member sprays something that looks like silly string at a cop and gets hit with a rubber bullet for his trouble. Another arrogant Antifa clown had the temerity to lower his mask and spit at a police officer. He immediately got smashed with a baton.

Yet another video shows a female Antifa member getting shot in the stomach with a rubber bullet fired by riot police.

In all, dozens of people were arrested in the mayhem on July 17. Police also confiscated pepper spray, knives, stun guns and other weapons.

To those conservatives who have seen Antifa essentially get away with murder over the last few years, these actions come as a pleasant surprise.

But remember: crime is on the rise in major cities across the country. Normal people have only so much tolerance for barbaric street violence before they begin voting to express their displeasure. This is even true in L.A. Politicians know this and are beginning to respond accordingly.