Lawlessness across of California is reaching dumbfounding proportions, with local businesses getting battered, as car break-ins and shoplifting are skyrocketing as more crime-inclined locals are taking advantage of the notorious law in the lefty state called Proposition 47, which classifies offenses worth less than $950 as misdemeanors rather than felonies.

“Prop 47” was passed back in 2014 as a referendum, with its supporters also calling it the Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act.

While the measure was designed as some form of a judicial, law enforcement, and prison reform by removing non-violent crimes from the felony list, it appears to have backfired.

All the more so now, with its gravest ramifications being felt ever more acutely after 1.5 years of coronavirus pandemic coupled with wildly exploding savage wokeism destroying the very fabric of justice, rule of law, and respect for order which used to be the pride of the American tradition.

Casually walking out with stolen goods

A shortage of police officers is exacerbating the situation on the ground, with crimes such as car break-ins and shoplifting becoming so rampant in major cities across the heavily Democrat-dominated state, that in many cases the police either don’t bother showing up, or the affected business don’t even seek their help any more.

Video is being shared and going viral on Twitter showing shoplifters stuffing large sacks full of apparel and just walking out, without paying or without even being in a hurry.

Recent reports from cities such as San Diego and San Francisco reveal spiking property crimes but even when videos are available, it now turns out law enforcement can’t do much because of limitations imposed by Prop 47 as well as lack of resources.

More and more commentators, even from left-leaning local newspapers, appear to be becoming aware of the fact that Prop 47 a criminal justice experiment is an abject failure since it has made it practically impossible to punish thieves and shoplifters with jail time.

That is, of course, something that should’ve been clear from the start to whoever came up with clearly criminal policies of letting criminals get away.

While still technically considering stealing illegal in California, Proposition 47 turned low-level property crimes into misdemeanors while doubling the amount for which a suspect could face a felony to $950, up from $450.

Defund the police just made things worse

The depressed public during the COVID-19 pandemic due to the various questionable government measures, and especially the devastating effects of the radical left’s aggressive movement to “Defund the Police” are emboldening perpetrators who know they will face little to no consequence, to the extent that lawlessness now reigns supreme in what once used to be some of America’s most beautiful and successful cities.

While many spots have active neighborhood watch programs, it appears that their participants can’t do much else other than just watch the perpetrators of low-level property crimes since law enforcement is unable to react and bring about consequences.

And it turns out that shoplifters aren’t stealing just to survive in tough economic times but that rampant store thefts are fueling a black market economy.

San Francisco Police Department spokesman Robert Rueca told Fox News that thieves aren’t leaving with only items needed to get by but instead, there are organized crime groups that are selling what they steal.

The report quotes numerous local businesses in San Francisco which say that the property crimes in question are going on all the time, and the police don’t do anything about that.

So much so for ill-begotten, ill-advised leftist policies of defunding the police and criminal justice wokeism.

It remains to be seen how long before the Democrats’ constituents wake up.