Andrea Dick from New Jersey, a 54-year-old supporter of President Donald Trump, is resisting a court order to remove anti-Biden signs from her property, some of them with obscene language, or face daily fines.

Three of the signs put up by Dick, a resident of the town of Roselle Park, NJ, contain the blunt but effective message “F*** Biden”, one of them featuring an image of Trump giving the finger.

Another sign reads, “Joe Biden Sucks”.

Still another carries the message that “Socialism Sucks, Biden Blows”.

A sixth sign declares proudly, “Yes, I’m a Trump Girl”.

The seventh sign reads, “Don’t Blame Me, I Voted for Trump.”

There are also three other signs.

The signs have become controversial not just by default with anti-Trump crazies, but because they are put up on Dick’s fence which is near the Aldene Elementary School in Roselle Park, leading some parents to object to the middle finger and the obscenities in them.

The Trump supporter was eventually referred to and fined by local officials who argued that they violate a local anti-obscenity ordinance.

In a court order issued last week, Judge Gary A. Bundy from the Roselle Park Municipal Court decreed that Andrea Dick remove three of the signs (those sporting Trump’s middle finger and the eloquent “F*** Biden” message).

He made it clear that if she refused to do, she would be getting fined every day to the amount of $250.

Dick, however, has refused to relent.

She told The New York Times that the signs were about the “First Amendment right” and that she’d like to stick with that.

“I’m not backing down,” the New Jersey woman declared, revealing that she is seeking a lawyer to represent her in court.

Joseph Signorello III, the mayor of Roselle Park, is quoted as saying that he considers the sign offensive because of its “vulgar” language and images.

He argued that people have complained about Dick’s signs, and insisted that the town’s measures against the woman were never about “politics in any way” but “about decency.”

Meanwhile, Andrea Dick has started a GoFundMe account in order to raise funds for her legal defense.

As of Thursday, the Trump supporter has raised $5,800 out of a 10,000 goal, from a total of 183 donors.

Her GoFundMe campaign page says that she is “fighting a costly battle” in order to defend her right of Freedom of Speech as well as everybody else’s.