An outraged young mother has exposed a mandatory “Diversity, Equity & Inclusion” (DE&I) training for teachers as pure and shameless anti-American “Critical Race Theory” during a school board meeting.

A video of the woman ripping apart a local school board in Kansas for letting malicious CRT sneak through the back door disguised as “DE&I” – which itself is already a highly dubious concept – has gone viral.

We are one nation, but white people are racist…

The 3-minute clip of the mother’s speech lambasting the board of the Blue Valley School District in Kansas, was shared by Fox News host Dan Bongino on his Facebook page, and in the 14 hours it 410,000 views, 36,000 likes, 12,600 shares, and 1,200 comments.

The young woman started her address by declaring how much she likes the fact that school board meetings start with the Pledge of Allegiance, with all present agreeing that they are one indivisible nation.

The situation, however, is much different when it comes the growing changes in school curriculums under pressure from far-left radicals and internal saboteurs, as it becomes clear from the woman’s exposé.

She explains how she became familiarized with material from an obligatory teach training in “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” which propagates precisely the vile – and most importantly – factually wrong! – postulates of critical race theory.

“Imagine my disappointment!” the woman declared, as she began to cite quote by quote from the teacher training material.

The material in question tells the usual Marxist, critical race theory story: that America is “racist” and was “built on racist ideas.”

The training material also reads that “privileged white people” do oppress “people of color”, while “heterosexual people” do suppress “gay people.”

Teaching teachers to hate

The training further encouraged local teachers to use their own “voice” in order to reveal to students “the truth about racism”, as well as to participate and organize in protests.

The mother’s assessment is precisely truthful and categorical: the “hateful, divisive material” in question “teaches teachers to hate” the United States of America.

It seeks to break down the entire American society into “privileged” and “oppressed.”

The latter in particular is a blunt, morally decrepit, evil, and ultimately absolutely failed concept from Marxism / Soviet Communism / Maoist Communism, which are the greatest mass murderer in human history with some 100 million people killed.

The mother ripped the Blue Valley school board in Kansas for choosing to disguise CRT as DE&I, and then lying to the public that it does teach CRT.

The woman said her biggest concern was the fact that DE&I committees exist in each of the district’s schools.

She cited a recent quote from one of the Blue Valley school board members who declared that the district was about to “insert DE&I into everything”, and will completely rewrite the curriculum – apparently using DE&I as a euphemism for CRT.

The woman concluded her passionate and eloquent speech by the demanding the immediate termination of DE&I, that is, CRT teaching, and assurances that its “hateful, divisive material” will be kept out of the curriculum of innocent kids.