Texas could soon ban Ben & Jerry’s statewide after the Vermont-based ice cream maker earlier this week declared it was ending the sale of its products in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, the so-called “occupied Palestinian territories” which have Israeli settlers and are controlled by Israel.

As part of its ridiculous move to taking a questionable side in the highly complex, decades-long Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Ben & Jerry’s also said it was ending its current partnership in Israel proper but is still going to offer its products there through a new arrangement.

With its apparent “globally wokeist” step, the ice cream company believes it is helping Palestinian Arabs against Israel, which it considers an oppressor.

Good for Israel. Fewer diabetes cases

Apart from their Palestinian population, the West Bank and East Jerusalem contain some 600,000 – 700,000 Jewish settlers.

The General Assembly of the United Nations, which is dominated numerically by non-Western countries, has repeatedly sided with the Palestinians on the issue of the occupied territories.

Glenn Hegar, the Texas State Comptroller, announced on Thursday that he has made the first step for Ben & Jerry’s ban in the Lone Star State under its own “boycott Israel” legislation designed to lend aid and protection to the Middle Eastern democracy and long-standing American ally.

Hegar revealed he has instructed his staff to establish whether either Ben & Jerry’s or Uniliver, its parent company, may have violated the Texas “boycott Israel” laws, thus warranting a ban on their products.

Under Chapter 808, Texan law prohibits businesses from “any action” that might hurt or penalize the state’s relations with Israel.

In his statement released on Thursday, Hegar reminded that Texans “have made…very clear” their will to “stand with Israel and its people.”

The Texas comptroller explicitly declared that his state opposes any actions which might “undermine” the people of Israel and its economy.

Because of that, Hegar warned, his office is going to take the proper and necessary actions, i.e. potentially banning Ben & Jerry’s from the state.

Support local companies instead

The comptroller went further by encouraging Texas to start foregoing Ben & Jerry’s for local ice cream brands anyway.

The state’s top financial officer praised local ice cream producers, such as Blue Bell, which was founded in Brenham, Texas.

In his words, Blue Bell’s products taste “much better” than what he described as “stuck-up stuff” from a “foreign-owned company started in Vermont”, apparently, a reference to Ben & Jerry’s owner, or parent, company, UK-based multinational corporation Unilever.

Ben & Jerry’s announced earlier this week that it’s cutting its products out of the West Bank and East Jerusalem while restructuring its partnership in Israel is reported to have caused friction with Unilever.

The Vermont-based company is certain to face political, and, respectively, economic consequences, as both Republicans and Democrats have reacted negatively.

It has been condemned by NY GOP Rep. Nicole Malliotakis and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio alike.

The latter even stated that he will be forgoing “Cherry Garcia for a while.”

The Biden administration has condemned the Ben & Jerry’s boycott, saying it is “unfairly” targeting the Jewish nation.

Israel’s Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has vowed “severe consequences” for the wokeist-hijacked ice cream maker from Vermont.