U.S. Border Crisis Intensifies as Human Smuggler Is Arrested

Unrest at the U.S. border with Mexico is continuing amidst reports of a human smuggler busted for bringing in 105 illegal immigrants.

Details of Alleged Smuggling

According to Fox News journalist Bill Melugin, the alleged smuggling happened when a packed truck full of over 100 illegal immigrants attempted to cross the border near Laredo on Monday. Melugin reported that Texas State Troopers were on the scene to pull over the semi-truck. The driver of the truck, Michael Warren McCoy, was arrested on charges of human smuggling. McCoy was booked into the Webb County jail.

Haitians Also Attempting to Cross Border

Melugin is also reporting that a group of approximately 300–400 immigrants was trying to cross the border at Del Rio, Texas. Many of these people are from Haiti. State troopers from Texas, Nebraska, and Florida were on site with the National Guard & Border Patrol to handle the group. Border patrol agents had to yell at the immigrants to force them back as the men tried to force their away over the gate.

Melugin went on to detail how the majority of the migrants have been allowed to enter the US. The migrants were then taken into custody and whisked away on busses. There are concerns about the dangers of these migrants waiting in the hot Texas heat with nowhere to go.

Border Crisis Continues to Worsen

Many people on the right are criticizing President Joe Biden and his administration for their handling of the border crisis. Biden assigned Vice President Kamala Harris to oversee the issue; however, progress to contain the disaster has been small.