Couples Goes to Reddit for Advice About Baby Name Controversy

A couple expecting their first baby took to the message board Reddit to ask for advice about naming their baby. Surprisingly, the conflict is coming from the father-to-be’s own mother.

Details of the Name Choice

The man said that he and his wife made the decision to name their bundle of joy over their favorite character in the video game Red Dead Redemption 2. He detailed how he met his wife through gaming and how this hobby is an important part of their life together.

The pair decided to name their unborn son Arthur Morgan in honor of their favorite game. However, the grandma is expressing her displeasure over the name choice.

Grandma’s Reasoning

The grandma-to-be is upset with her son and daughter-in-law for choosing the name of a fictional character. Instead, she said that she wanted her son to name his son after her deceased brother.

The father-to-be argues that his uncle passed away when he was only one year old, so he has no memories of him or any type of attachment.

Family Controversy

When the grandma found out about the baby’s name, she drove 30 minutes to her son’s home and pounded on the door demanding an explanation. The couple held firm in their decision to name the baby Arthur Morgan. In response, the grandma said that she will not be a part of this child’s life.

Reddit Response

The man took to Reddit to ask for advice, wondering out loud if he was being a jerk for not honoring his mother and his deceased uncle. However, the Reddit response was overwhelmingly on the side of the couple.