American football legend and Trump ally Herschel Walker has dealt a devastating blow to “woke” athletes on the US Olympics team trying to condemn and humiliate their own country with various forms of “protest”.

Walker, who is a potential Republican candidate for the US Senate from Georgia, spoke on Fox News about American Olympians protesting the flag of the United States and kneeling before games, especially in recent days at the onset of the 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

Why are you here if you don’t like us?

Walker, an NFL legend and the greatest college player of football of all time, who also competed in the 1992 Winter Olympics on the American bobsleigh team, felt compelled to remind the lefty, woke, “anti-racist” athletes in the Tokyo Olympics who they actually represent.

“This is the United States of America!” Walker exclaimed, adding that if some “don’t like the rules here”, he asked, “why are you here?”

The football legend did note, of course, there are things that can be done better – but his uncompromising and worthy message is as honest and rightful as it gets.

He also had to clarify that “people think I’m very harsh” when he speaks the truth about the seeming anti-Americanism of “woke” protests against the American flag and the United States.

Walker also made it clear he is not opposed to protesting about things that can be improved or corrected but questioned if the Olympic Games are “the right place” for Americans to protest their own country - especially considering that there are athletes from other countries there “who would love to represent” America if they are given that chance.

We were brothers and sisters

In his scathing criticism of “wokeist” Olympians, Walker recalled his own Olympic experience on behalf of the United States, back in the 1992 Winter Olympics in France, in which he raced on the two-man bobsled team for Team USA.

That was an accomplishment he said he wasn’t expecting at the time.

Walker called the experience in the 1992 Olympics “one of the proudest moments” of his life, as he was “coming from South Georgia” in order to be representing the United States.”

The football legend and bobsleigh Olympian recalled that when he saw the American flag and all his teammates from different sports coming into that stadium, that nearly “brought a tear to my eye.”

At that proud moment, he began remembering where he “grew up as a boy” in his “little hometown, and was then “having the chance to represent” before the world the United States of America.”

Contrasting his own experience with 2021 “wokeist athletics”, Walker said that he “couldn’t have been more proud” of anything.

The former NFL player also recalled how during the Olympics, he saw athletes from other countries that would come up and “start talking about the USA”, and would be eager to “beat you because” they thought that “we have it made.”

Walker further revealed what it meant for him to be one of the few black athletes who took part in all winter sports at the time, not just in bobsledding.

“All of my brothers and sisters were white,” the former NFL star said, adding that he “was [more proud] than anything” and that he “would’ve died for that group” in France “if I had to.”

He further emphasized that his bobsled team was his family, and he couldn’t have “asked for anything better.”

“I grew up in South Georgia,” Walker noted, adding that he “never could have dreamed” of “anything like that.”