Wokeism and anti-racist “moral crusaders” have conquered still newer heights as a liberal magazine has, in essence, portrayed nature as “racist” and has blamed “systemic racism” for preventing black people from enjoying the outdoors!

Earlier this week the Outside magazine published an article on racist nature leading to the questioning of whether the anti-racists may have in fact just become the racists, writes columnist Kevin Catapano in a commentary for The Western Journal.

Black people avoid nature fearing of violence?

The Outside magazine article discusses what it says is a “nature gap”, meaning an alleged unequal access for black people to nature and the advantages of the great outdoors.

Unfortunately, the liberal magazine in question seems to have gotten into an operational time machine, and traveled back in time to 150 years ago, to the time of legal institutional racism and lynch mobs in the Southern states, when blacks were told to keep with their communities out of fear that they might meet the KKK or other who might do them harm.

The Outside piece, however, pretends to speak of present-day America, insisting that it “took a deeper dive” into factors it claims have kept black people from going to the outdoors – from forest lands with ski resorts to national parks.

It argues those factors are ownership, access “and the perceived threats of violence.”

Unsurprisingly, the lefty article lists “the usual suspects” of “systemic racism” because leftism as an ideology is “a most unoriginal” one, Catapano writes.

The items on the list supposedly keeping black people away from the outdoors are long ago things of the past.

Those include federal redlining – banned in 1968; Jim Crow racial segregation – outlawed in 1964; as well as sundown towns, which haven’t existed for a long time because lynching is long ago a thing of the past.

There’s racism in…everything!

The Outside magazine article claims further that black people are advised against outdoor spaces because of safety and access, and the need to be careful over encounters with people.

Catapano describes this argument as “foolishness” pointing out that it has been long ago since the US was a country where black citizens were “perpetual victims of racism” in cities and towns or in the wilderness.

He points out that black Americans are statistically more likely to be killed by other blacks than by whites or members of other racial groups, or by the police.

He also notes that factors hurting the economic ascent of black people are the failure to complete high school, take part in the labor force as well as have children inside wedlock – and not racism per se.

Catapano emphasizes that the only group who push the race factor to the forefront of public debate are those who benefit from it for their ratings, or from using racism as a club for beating down their neighbors over political matters.

In essence, the leftists are discovering and touting racism in all things imaginable – including now nature – in order to impudently gain greater and greater political ground in their quest to impose Marxism on the American people – exactly the same type of Marxist that the United States proudly defeated during the Cold War.

The Western Journal’s Catapano concludes that in present-day America leftists are the only company of the “marginalized alt-right” who count black people when they go out hiking – as both racists and “anti-racists” appear to have racism in common.