Large-scale violent crime on weekends in Chicago has been so constant in recent months that it has become mundane: it’s almost become hard to keep getting shocked by all the shooting and murder under the watch of wokeist radical mayor, Democrat Lori Lightfoot.

And yet, we should be alarmed even more and more with every single murder-dotted weekend since formerly one of America’s grandest cities is rapidly falling down the crime abyss under wokeist leadership.

Chicago is lost

After a total of 60 people got shot in Chicago last weekend, and 10 of them lost their lives, this Friday and Saturday, with the weekend still far from over, Lightfoot’s woke-pride rule tally is 53 shot and 7 killed, the Chicago Sun-Tribune reported.

More than half of those were shot Friday into Saturday night, Breitbart news reports, citing NBC 5.

A total of at least 29 people were shot, including the 7 who died as a result, on Friday night.

The other 24 were wounded on Saturday and Saturday night.

The by now regular shoot-and-kill weekend in Chicago was “opened” at about 7 pm on Friday when a person walking along a sidewalk in South Merrill was killed by multiple shotgun wounds by an unknown shooter.

Another man was shot in the head and killed at 1:15 am on Saturday in North Moody in a drive-by shooting.

At about the same time, a 17-year-old was shot and killed in a backyard in South Peoria.

Another drive-by shooting claimed another life at about 5 am on Saturday on East 79th Street, with the victim making it only to the hospital.

At 1:49 pm Saturday, a person was murdered by gunfire while walking along a sidewalk in West Augusta.

A 20-year-old man was shot and murdered in South Western at 3:52 pm on Saturday.

The seventh fatal shooting occurred at about 8:15 pm on Saturday: a 31-year-old man got shot in East 79th Street, also on a sidewalk.

Luckily, most of Chicago’s shootings this weekend so far have been nonfatal shootings.

In one of them, a total of five men got wounded early Sunday in an attack in Austin on Chicago’s Northwest Side.

In another case, two people, including a 17-year-old boy, got shot in the Englewood neighborhood on Saturday.

Shocking violent shooting crimes in Chicago, of course, are not limited to weekends.

Almost 30 people were shot in proud wokeist Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s city on Wednesday, and “only” 13 people got shot on Thursday.

As more and more of her city’s constituents die of gunfire, Lightfoot may of course happily continue to pretend violent crime is no issue whatsoever for her city, and can carry on her business of canceling white reporters, especially if they ask inconvenient crime-related questions.