A new conservative publisher, “Brave Books”, has launched with a bang in defense of US values, its very first release being a children’s book dealing a devastating blow to the transgenderism ideology being imposed by evil leftist radicals on America’s innocent kids.

Brave Books’ first book is titled “Elephants Are Not Birds,” and it is a captivating, eloquently written tale of an elephant named Kevin and Culture, a vulture, who tries to brainwash him into believing that he’s in fact bird just because he is able to sing well.

Culture the vulture even gives elephant Kevin a “transgender” makeover by providing him with a beak and wings that he can wear.

The poor, deluded elephant then identifies as a bird, and yet struggles and suffers as he tries to live as one.

In the end, Kevin does realize that he was much better the way he was created and that he can still be an elephant and sing, reversing the evil brainwashing by Culture the vulture.

Fight back wokeist culture

Kevin’s sufferings are clearly meant as a warning to countless kids across the United States and the West, formerly the Free World, who are getting defrauded into believing they should be of a different “socially constructed” “gender” other than the one they are born with.

Transgenderism, alongside wokeism, has been one of the most perfidious weapons of culture war Marxists striving to destroy America at all cost out of hatred of what it stands – or used to stand for.

With the American public’s senses to what is right and normal getting dulled by big tech social media chaos, and its mind getting brainwashed by the constant vile propaganda of the leftist-dominated mainstream media, under the benevolent watch of a possibly senile president, fresh hatches of even more impudent Marxists of the Soviet Union communist type are weaponizing transgenderism alongside wokeism to cause immeasurable suffering to countless American families.

Brave Books’ first book is apparently braving against that, trying to help protect the most vulnerable and innocent victims of Marxism’s devilish crusade against freedom, truth, and normalcy – young children and teens.

The book “Elephants Are Not Birds” was authored by Ashley St. Clair, a 22-year-old conservative commentator.

St. Clair told the Daily Mail she hopes her book can limit what she calls “transgender by proxy” cases in which children are getting attacked with the monstrous and counterfactual idea that there are “unlimited and interchangeable genders” so they can suddenly start to identify as trans.

The young author emphasized how the concept of transgenderism is “confusing to kids” and “damaging” if they make decisions such as gender transitions even if they aren’t actually trans.

She stated her belief that children shouldn’t “transition” to another gender “at all”, and responded categorically to a provocative question by the reporter on whether the book can damage transgender children by declaring that a “singing elephant” can hardly be “damaging” to anybody.

St. Claire declared what the book teaches, plain and simple: that one is best with the way one was created.