There are hardly any proper words left in the English language to describe accurately the inhumane, anti-human, and Nazi nature of the far-left Antifa criminals.

Current development in Washington State is the latest true testimony to that after apparent Antifa sympathizers have celebrated the murder of a local police officer on Twitter.

“I bet his pig family is crying”…

Antifa-linked Twitter accounts cheered at the news that sheriff’s deputy in Washington State’s Clark County has been killed by getting shot in the head, independent journalist Angy Ngo revealed.

The sheriff’s deputy was shot in the head on Friday night in Vancouver, Washington State, near Portland, Ngo reported, adding that “Antifa accounts” are “celebrating on Twitter in response.”

The journalist posted images of the accounts in question, whose users reacted to the news of the murdered deputy by ridiculing not just him but also his “pig family.”

“Cheers, I’ll drink to that,” one of the Antifa thugs commented, while another responds by writing, “TAKBIR”, a reference to the Arabic phrase for “God is great” (Allahu akbar).

Another Twitter user whose profile photo proudly sports the Antifa logo rejoiced at the deputy’s death by betting that “his pig family is crying.”

Another Antifa gangster just declares, “perfect.”

Another says she is sorry for the killed officer’s lost potential to “stop being a pig.”

She then adds the acronym “ACAB” meaning, “all cops are bastards.”

Antifa - civilization s**t

Many of the Antifa thugs cheering at the policeman’s death can be seen using the same acronym in their Twitter bios.

A number of them echoed in their bios and tweets calls to defund the police, a policy of the Democratic Party, which seems to be designed precisely to wreak havoc on law-abiding American communities by allowing Nazi Antifa criminals to assault, loot, and kill at will – and then celebrate that on big tech “social media.”

The Washington State police later identified the slain policeman as 46-year-old Deputy Jeremy Brown.

He was shot in the head during a standoff at an apartment complex and died shortly thereafter in hospital.

Two suspects have been arrested for the murder of a courageous American policeman.

The investigation is being handled by the Vancouver Police Department, which hasn’t revealed details about how the sheriff’s deputy was shot.

Earlier this week, 21-year-old Cyan Waters Bass, who is reportedly a member of Antifa, was convicted of felony arson after throwing a Molotov cocktail on police officers and setting a police building on fire in Portland, Oregon, during a BLM rally.

It is yet to be seen how long the American nation is going to tolerate this terrorism by otherwise ridiculous evil and malicious Nazi group Antifa.