A man walking his dog, and who later turned out to be a firefighter off-duty, has been violently assaulted and beaten for no reason whatsoever by an unruly crowd of about 100 teens in New York City.

The horrendously shocking attack in Queens committed by teen vandals who apparently had nothing better to do than hurt strangers was caught on video by some of the attackers.

Some of the footage was obtained by The New York Post.


One of the vicious underage bandits who first assaulted the lone, unarmed 44-year-old man, could be heard shouting that it was “Fight Night”.

The off-duty firefighter was walking in Juniper Valley Park, Middle Village, with his Labradoodle Dylan at about 9:55 pm on Friday night when he got targeted by the mob right out of the blue.

The man who is a father of three children, still clearly shaken, told The New York Post that “at least 100 kids” picked him out and approached him.

The firefighter asked to remain anonymous.

He recalled that one of the teen criminals took off his shirt, told him it was “Fight Night” and that he was 19 so he “could fight” him, at which point all the other violent teens took out their cell phones to film.

Not a single one from the young rascals tried to prevent the violence and talk any sense into the others.

The off-duty NYFD officer said that “there were cell phones everywhere” and that “they all came at me.”

Some of the teen gangsters came behind him and hit him with a bottle in the back of the head, at which point he let go of the dog.

In the video, one teen is seen texting that “old guy with a dog” was getting “f-cked up.”

As the NYC firefighter was being pummeled on the ground, one stunned onlooker could be heard shouting, “What the f-k!”

The victim recalled that the numerous attackers “were going crazy” and that they were “as high as a kite.”

He was only saved when an ambulance waiting by the park approached and pulled up.

Without the arrival of the ambulance, the firefighter is certain he would have been “in a much worse condition.”

Is this how we raise our youth?

The 44-year-old firefighter thanked God for still being “here”, and declared that it “could’ve been worse.”

The NYC police have confirmed the man was struck with a glass bottle during the mass assault.

They have made no arrests in the case.

Dylan, the dog, wasn’t hurt and was protected by a good Samaritan.

The battered firefighter said teens from around the borough have been out of control in Queens’ Juniper Park, committing various kinds of crimes.

Curtis Sliwa, the founder of the world-famous group “Guardian Angels”, who is the Republican candidate for mayor of New York City, was alerted about the attack by locals, who have asked his group to come and patrol the area.

Sliwa announced the Guardian Angels are starting their patrols in Juniper Park as of 6 pm on Saturday.