Another true testimony has emerged that fiery Fox News host Tucker Carlson keeps hitting the lefties where it hurts as he exposes their lies, hoaxes, and misconceptions on a daily basis.

An angry liberal leftist approached Carson at a fly fishing store in Livingston, Montana, and attempted to insult him, apparently angered that the Fox News journalist doesn’t take the Biden administration’s COVID-19 vaccination policies at face value but always tries to inform the American public what’s underneath.

After that the heckler called Dan Bailey, beaming with pride, shared the video on Instagram.

Bailey wasn’t being aggressive to Carlson but could be heard telling him that he is “the worst human being” that is “known to mankind.” (For whatever reason Bailey doesn’t use here the politically correct liberal term “humankind.”)

On Instagram, he put a caption to the video stating that getting to tell somebody they are “the worst person in the world” while actually meaning it isn’t an everyday opportunity.

Bailey then describes the respected and presently highest rated American prime time journalist “an a**hole” and “a fascist.”

In his Instagram caption, the angry white liberal also accused Carlson of killing “more people with vaccine misinformation,” and of supporting “extreme racism.”

Brainwashed lunatic

Bailey is seemingly utterly brainwashed by Marxist propaganda and completely oblivious to its divisive anti-Americanism since he insisted that the renowned journalist is doing more “to rip this country apart” than anybody else.

Much of the brief conversation between him and Tucker Carlson cannot be made out.

Carlson, in a plaid shirt, can be seen responding calmly and then smiling most of the time, before turning away after addressing Bailey as “son.”

There is a third person filming the encounter.

Interestingly, however, the similarity between the store name and the heckler’s name turns out to be a sheer coincidence, and the man who approached the Fox News journalist does not appear to have a connection to the business.

The store itself said in a statement on its website that “this person has no affiliation” with their business, except for sharing a name with the store’s founder who died in 1982.

The store’s owner, Dale Sexton, added that it treats all customers equally and that its staff was “professional and cordial” to Tucker Carlson.

This attempt to harass Carlson has luckily been benign but the journalist remains maybe the biggest thorn in the heel of the far-leftist propaganda trying to succumb America into a chaos of wokeism.

Unfortunately, however, as Carlson himself has revealed, it appears that the Biden administration has been mulling ways to silence him, and has resorted to having the NSA spying on his show.